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Lotus Feast

Published on: 2015-10-26  Source: Honghe Tourism Official Site

As tourism in Shiping is developing rapidly, the businesses around Yilong Lake are also finding new ways to attract the tourists to stay longer. Besides of fish dishes ,they also use lotus from the lake to make delicious food.

The Lotus Feast uses lotus as the main ingredients. Lotus petals, lotus leaves, lotus seeds and lotus roots are used in making porridges, fried lotus roots with sticky rice, fried tender lotus roots, fried lotus leaves with eggs, fried lotus petals and lotus root soup with pork ribs. They have very beautiful names such as Lotus Fairy and Golden Fried Lotus etc and also very good for human health. When tourists come to the Yilong lake, they always like to order a fish marmite with a set of lotus feast.